cheapest way to get a 320mm rotor on my XR650L motard

I have 17" excels laced to my stock XR650L hubs with a galfer line and that's it. These are the options I have seen so far

1) MAP Engineering XR650L relocator kit (no rotor) $300

2) Motostrano XR650R relocator kit with rotor........$200 (have to get an XR650R hub laced to my excel, not even sure I can do that ?)

any other options ?

found this in an old thread.........still hold true ?

The XR650R front hub fits in an XR650L with the same spacing. This allows you to run all the XR650R brake kits on the L. I'm running the EBC 320mm kit on my XR-L with a XR-R hub now. The only caveat is that with 17" rims it is a very tight fit. FYI: The rear xr600 hub also fits in the XR-L rear end.

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