06 wr seat


I did a 160 mile ride yesterday- my butt hurts :banghead: This is a 06 wr 450--do the 04 and 05 have this same seat. Has anybody done anything about it???? How about a afermarket seat and tank for longer softer :banghead:

I am considering a softer seat for my 03 450 as well. I can't remember the company name, but it has mentioned a few times in this forum in last two weeks or so. If you do a search for "softer seat" or something equivalent, you should be able to find it.

The 06 actually has a softer seat than the 05 :banghead:

gutz racing? IIRC i cant seem to find a website.

gutz racing? IIRC i cant seem to find a website.

:banghead::banghead: I second the Guts racing soft seats. Can't go wrong here, see them at gutsracing.com. I hear a lot of comments on the SDG seat also, but I went with the Guts and never looked back. Hope this helps.



I have used the tall, medium density (choice of soft, medium, hard), with the hardcore gripper cover on each of my WR's. I am 6'3". I love these seats, easy to install on stock seat pan, very comfortable, the tall foam improves ergonomics dramatically. :banghead:

You can get one of their prettier covers but it costs a little more and I have been totally satisfied with the hardcore gripper model. :banghead:

Go with Guts, you'll be happy!

Heres a pic of the WR with the Guts tall seat, you can probably see that it is flatter across the top and offers more cushion in the rear. :lol:


I have an SDG tall/soft on my WR, and have no complaints either. It's good and tough, and quite comfortable.

I have the Guts tall, with the soft foam. Easy to install with my wife's help & a good staple gun. Only down side is it is taller than I would like, but the comfort is super. I am 6ft, but have short legs, but am adapting!!

I just got a '06 WR450F. I'm coming off of a '02 KTM 400EXC. The WR seat is heaven compared to the three different seats I tried on the KTM. It just goes to prove that everything is relative.

WR Tom, you have to do the stapling yourself? THey just sell you the foam then?

WR Tom, you have to do the stapling yourself? THey just sell you the foam then?

This is true, I re-used my stock seat cover just because I didn't want to buy a new one. It is not that hard, you staple the ends first, pulling them tight across the end of the seat pan. Then start in the center of the seat and pull tight across the pan. Should come out wrinkle free, and you can use a standard staple gun if you don't have an upholstry one. Hope this helps,


You get the foam & a great cover & directions. Very easy to install!

Thanks --have it bookedmarked

After your staples are in go back over them with a hard round object, (I use the outside of the head on a pair of dykes) and "roll" the staples in, especially if you are using like a T-50 staple gun or something. This will sink the staples in all the way and your cover will be less likely to tear where it is stapled.

Good Luck :banghead:

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