wr426 vs. yz426

I'm looking at a large bore for timed enduros. I'm getting conflicting information from the dealerships. What do you know about the differences between the wr426 and the yz426? Pros & Cons? Any information would help from guys who have experience with both!!! Thanks in advance for your help!

This is old question number 3, I think. Search the archives in the WR400/WR426 General Discussion using the phrase "yz vs wr". (It's amazing what you'll find in the archives.)

WR, hands down! I just finished a two series season, Enduros and Hare Scrambles on my YZ400 (99'). I got my WR426, and it is much easier to ride. The main differences would be the lower first gear for very tight stuff (and taller final gearing for the jeep roads), the added flywheel weight, and the magic suspension. I only noticed the difference in the suspension while jumping from the WR to the YZ. How did I do a whole season on that buckboard!?

Oh yeh, it also has a spark arrestor, O-ring chain, lights, 18" wheel (it has it's +'s and -'s too), and an odometer...All you need is a real tank/seat combo.

dont waste your time on yz bikes i own a 99 wr400f and i have 13 -50 relation it works great for motocross and enduro wich y do most sometimes it can get scary believe me those things rip....

just do the mods , yz timing ,stock tank and seat, 13-50gearing if you ride motocross too,

white brothers exahust also change the jettings etc.....

see you in the woods

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