Problems Starting After Wash

I have a 2002 WR426F, yesterday i got back from riding and decided to wash it. I after i washed it, it would not start. It is getting spark from the coil, but i do not have a tool that can get the spark plug out. Also I did not have the exhaust pluged or the air box pluged, i just tryed not to get any water in ether, but when i kick it it sounds like there is water in the exhaust, so i took it off and drained it, only a little was in it. Could water have got into the carb? Any help would be much appreciated.

You can use a 3/8 drive universal with a small extension and ratchet to get the spark plug out. You can get a universal from walmart for about 3 bucks.

Remove the air filter which will most likely have water in it, let bike and filter dry by sitting 1 day and then re-install filter. Biznet is right you need a universal to get the plug out - replace plug if needed. It most likely needs to dry out give it some time especially if you sucked some water into the carb.

Good Luck.

The filter was wet, I well let it sit and well get a universal and check the plug.

Clean or replace the plug and I'll bet it starts right up. These are pretty water tight (as long as you don't soak the filter or exhaust).

It is too easy to get the air filter wet - it is and that is why it won't start

Well, i let the filter dry and then i tried to start it. When i kick it, it makes a gragling nosie. i well check the plug tomorrow

I took the plug out and cleaned it, and let the bike sit a two days. Today it started on the second kick thanks for the help!

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