Heavyweight friendly or Not, the 650?

Can a DR650 be setup too handle agressive trail riding for a 300 lbs. rider? 50 lbs and 6 years ago I had a DR350SE and really enjoyed it, cept it was mushy feeling in the suspension.

My old bike, an SV1000S, got totaled 2 months ago and if I can I plan on getting a DR650 as soon as I can, new or used. I figure I don't belong on a sportbike anyways. It clashes with my lifted Chevy truck on 36's : ) Overall I like the DR650 over the XR650L but can I get it sprung stiff enough to handle the abuse of being under me ?

I appreciate any and all help given. Thank you

You will need stiffer springs, & probably a fork brace. I weigh 220, and the stock setup is a bit soft for me.

yeah check out koubalink.com you should be able to find what you need there for the rear shock anyway. they have an eibach 883 spring in different rates. the kit(spring and adapter) is around $140. so where in PA are you located?

I have been searching out all info I could about 650 dualsports. I was at XR's Only I think and saw a chart of recommended spring rates for the 650L and at 300 lbs I was "off the chart". At 280 a .47 front and 12.5 rear was recommended. A 650L weighs about the same as a DR650 so I would think I would need the same rates .?????????

Hey milk, I live in NW Pa near Pymatuning.

I'm 235 and my DR pulls me all over hell and gone. I got the front and rear spring upgrade from Jessie and am more than pleased. Feels as plush as stock without the major front end dive (still does it a little) or rear squat.

Feels tits on the street. Haven't done any dirt with it yet.

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