Problems Starting After Wash

I have a 2002 WR426F, yesterday i got back from riding and decided to wash it. I after i washed it, it would not start. It is getting spark from the coil, but i do not have a tool that can get the spark plug out. Also I did not have the exhaust pluged or the air box pluged, i just tryed not to get any water in ether, but when i kick it it sounds like there is water in the exhaust, so i took it off and drained it, only a little was in it. Could water have got into the carb? Any help would be much appreciated.

Disconnect your kill switch, and fire it up :banghead:

yes, water in the kill switch might be making a connection that doesnt need to be made.

Also, off the bottom of your airbox, check the little clear plastic catch tube thingy... Pull it off to drain any water that may have gotten into the airbox. I actually cut a little hole in the back corner of mine to let it drain on it's own.

Could it be the kill switch if there is spark from the coil? I had drained the air box, the filter was wet so i let it sit for a day.

man , wrap the air filter with a couple of plastic walmart bags and roll one up to plug the exhaust next time you wash the bikeeeeeee

let it drain for a few days.

you can help drain by blowing hot air from hair drainer-be careful not to get to close-the air from hair drainer is extremely hot.

make sure that no water came into the fuel tank.

another point is that you have a little hole on the right cylinder head.

it located above the spark plug. you can blow compress air to it and drain the aria above the spark plug (do not forget to pull spark plug cap before).

after all this be done you are ready to restart the bike. :banghead:

I took the plug out and cleaned it, and let the bike sit a two days. Today it started on the second kick thanks for the help!

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