Aluminum Rear Subframe

Does anyone know if any of the newer 450 aluminum rear subframes will fit on my wr426? :banghead:

I put an aluminum yz426? subframe frame on my 02 wr.The only difference was it doesnt have the 2nd mounting tag tab for the overflow tank.I seen a few people here with the newer subframe and plastics from the 450 but you will have to do some grinding on the subframe,airbox mods etc.

Oh, I didn't know that the yz426 came with an aluminum one. I will just try to find one of those then....

I put an aluminum subframe from an '02 YZ426 on my '99 WR. The lack of overflow bottle mounting tabs weren't a big deal. The bolt that holds the fender on still fits through the top bolt hole and I used 3 zip ties to strap down the bottle to the frame through the lower bolt hole. Works like a charm.

I put a '01 YZ250F al subframe on my '01 WR426F. It worked okay, but the airbox and holes all were a litle tight on the alignment. It doesn't look perfect, but it works! :banghead:

Idahoaggie99, I think your fitment problems were because of the frame size differences between the full size (400/426/450) vs 125/250F size frames. I didn't think it could be done at all. Good show!


I did exactly this to my WR426.... and believe me it's not worth the hassle, you're better off sourcing a frame from a YZ426 or AC Racing over there in the US.

The frame itself will bolt straight on. However, the two seat supports have to be removed. The seat cross bar, all the mounting tabs for the seat, rear mud guard, airbox and the rear exhaust mounting have to be relocated/fabricated/rewelded.

In the end mine worked out OK 'cause I have the skills and equipment.... but trust me, don't go down that route unless you're really prepared !

Hope this helps.


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