How much weight does the 06 drop off???

I know this has been asked somewere but I was wondering will the 06 handle way better than my 05??? My uncle will make me a great offer on a 06 but I was wondering if it will be worth it. I rode a 426 and then my 450 and WoW what a pig the 426 felt like maybe it's just me but if the 06 has the same difference I may be interested in the 06. Also would 4500-4000 grand be too much of a asking price for my 05 450 almost new and looks great.

How about you have your uncle make me a great deal on one as well. Looks like a great bike. I am glad the 5 speed is back.

Get one and tell us all what is up with the bike.

It does not lose any weight. It just carries it better

Actually scientists tell me that it weighs one yoctogram (10x^-24) less, so yeah it basically weighs the same.

So if there is no weight loss than what would make the 06 so much better other than the 5 speed tranny??? Even if the weight was moved would it make that much difference????

none of those sites work

lower center of gravity. The only negative the "older" YZF bikes had was the tendency to feel top heavy. I promise you....that is the difference between the CRF and the "older" YZF.

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