Help with my Forkin Forks please

I just bought a 1995 XR 600 a couple of weeks ago and decided to kinda go through everthing and check it out before I rode it. I discovered it had leaking fork seals and bad fork boots. A coworker offered to do the seals for me so I pulled the legs out and sent them home with him. When disassembling them he took the nut loose at the bottom of the legs and the dampener rod came unthreaded from the valve stack. Now on reassembly he can't get the rod to thread back into the valve. Is it suppose to come loose were it did and if so how do you restart the threads? He has done several dozen different fork jobs (including other years and models of XR's) and says he has never seen one do this. Does someone have some advise or help please. He spent 2 1/2 hrs trying to get one of the restarted.

Forward your message to Kelstr. The guy is sharp as a damn tack...

Ive never had an XR fork apart...but forks arent all that complicated at all. I just revalved my TC Showa on my CRF. Took me about 45 minutes including taking the fork off the bike! And Id never done it before and had to grind off the peen on the valve stack...

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