GYT-R Weighted Flywheel (1.4kg-cm2 vs 2.6kg-cm2)

How do these compare to the stock WR Flywheel ??????? in weight

2003-2004 Yamaha YZF450 OEM is 3.6kg-cm2

I don't know what the weight or inertia mass comparison is between a stock WR flywheel and either of the two GYT-R flywheels for a YZ450 that you've listed, but they will not interchange in any way, so I'm not sure why you've asked that.

The two flywheels are roughly 5 and 7.5 ounces heavier than stock. How these compare to bolt-on weights varies a little depending on the design of the weight, but the bolt-ons have to be heavier to produce the same results as the welded weights because part of the mass of the bolt-on is in the center area where the bolts go, and the entire mass of the weld-ons is at the outer edge. An 8oz Dr.D 'wheel is roughly equal to using a 12-14 ounce bolt-on. Weld-ons are also balanced after assembly, and cannot wiggle loose.

The stock WR is somewhat heavier than any of these, and incorporates a starter drive as well.

That all I need to know thanks mate :banghead: I was thinking of the weight comparison between the WR and GYT-R flywheels to try and judge which weight to get, I will be going with the heavier of the two..

the stock WR450's are around +18 oz(i've weighed the diff,and no i didn't include the starter clutch,but did include the starter gear)compared to a stock yz450,but as gray says,its not all on the edge. alot of it has to do with the starter gear which is smaller in diameter than the fw,which would give less inertia. i'm guessing a +12-14 would be about the same as a wr in that respect :banghead:

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