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Dirt Rider Magazine - 06 YZ250 Test

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Just read the write up in the latest mag.

I was surprised to read that no noticeable changes were made to the 06 motor.

The reason I say this is that I have the 05 and a good mate just picked up the 06. His has a throttle position sensor on the carb and a gear selector position sensor on the gearbox. I assume therefore, the 06 CDI having so many more inputs would be a more advanced type with more sophisticated ignition maps. This I would think would improve the power quantity and quality. Yet no direct comparisons are drawn. Lot of detail on 2mm bigger fork tubes where they bolt to the triple clamps, but on important engine upgrades - zippo. :banghead:

BTW, still enjoy your mags, but I think you missed the boat here. :banghead:

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