new chain and sprockets for 04 yz450

Ok all seriousness. Jay runs a legit business and people that have used his chain lube swear by it.

Yeah it's fun to spar with people on the net but let's not get too carried away. Jay.....your good in my book.

Folks who also subscribe to my methodology tend to see improvements as well. And that is all I am peddling in here. Not once have I spammed this board, and have declined when asked to do so. Heck, I even have recommended competitors products.

What I am bringing to the table is very controvercial, especially since the conventional wisdom of chain drive maintenance has been either misunderstood, or simply neglected.

I get paid good money by corporations to help train their maintenance staffs in the proper care and adjustments of chains...all sorts of chains. Not simply belts running in a common material handling setting, but in industrial conditions that are very much more adverse than even dirt biking can possibly be.

My methods and products are proven. I get paid good money to do this, and sell hundreds of gallons of chain lube in a months time.

Thing is, I deal with hard headed people all the time that have been stuck on doing things the wrong way. But when you are in person with folks, and speak to them in a way they can understand, and SHOW them what you are saying...instead of simply saying tends to provide a much more relaxed atmosphere where folks of good intentions can agree or disagree, but without malice and apathy.

There is no better feeeling than to be able to priovide a group of individuals a concept, and have them eventually agree to it's prowess and worth.

But I have delt with a few in person that immediately ridicule what I am offering.

They tend to look quite silly when they are shown to be incorrect. Espeically with their partners. Bu they are the ones I want to help's just unfortunate they are also the ones who resist it the most. (shrug)

second picture!!! That sprocket on the left is kinda worn....must have used the wrong lube! :banghead:


Ah.. They look fine! Just stick those suckers back on! Just a little extra CLUTCH when ya need it! :banghead:

I chewed up 3 renthals quick

I was wondering what are the specs for your setup I needed to replace my chain and I was unsure of what to get

I Have A Ironman 49 Tooth And A Renthal Steel Front In Stock Size With A Did Ert Gold Chain

Save your money and your horsepower.If you moto,do not waste your money on an o-ring or x-ring chain.They cause a lot of drag and non oring chains like the DID ERT have more tensile strength than an oring chain.AFAM/TAG sprockets with a DID ERT chain.All an oring does is seal the rollers and allow you to never adjust your chain.I used to believe in oring chains.I switched to a DID ERT on my 250f and in one season,only had to adjust it once.The chain and sprockets do no good if you don't replace the rollers,rub plate(swingarm),and the wear block(chain guide) when you replace the chain and sprockets.The wear block ruins chains more than anything,especially on a Yamaha.When it is worn,your chain will look loose when it is really in spec and cause you to overtighten,I know from experience.I didn't change my wear parts until after I replaced the chain and sprockets,and when I put my new chain on at factory length,it was too long.I had to remove I think two links to make it tight.After I replaced the wear parts,I couldn't hardly even get the chain back on.My $.02.

dont do the sunstar, they are the crappiest sprocket in the world, me and my friend bought are bikes and they came with two or three sunstars and we went through all of them within two months, all of them!!

glad to hear about the did ert. i asked for an oring did but got this one instead, i was going to return it, but sounds like there's no need to. i dont really care about having to buy new chains one way or the other, new crap is fun :thumbsup:

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