98 99 YZ400F real wheel compatibility question


I've been searching the archives but still need a little more info if anyone knows... I've got the chance to buy a 98 rear wheel for my 99 YZ400. From what I have gathered, the 98 is an old style hub and has a bigger axle as compared to the 99. What I don't know is if I can find some bearings that have the OD of the 98 hub but the ID of a 99 axle. Is this all that needs done? Or am I better off finding a 99 & up rear wheel?

Reason for the additional rims is I just got my bike street legal (what a hoot!) and I want one set with a more street oriented tire and then another set for when I hit the woods. I've kicked around the idea of getting 17" rims for a motard ride but I don't know how to set up the gearing... I would want to keep the front sprocket and chain the same and just swap rear wheels with different size sprockets on it. As it is now I'm running a 13/50 and I hit 5th in a heartbeat...



I was doing some searching for Axle sizes on Yamahas and came across your post. I don't really linger in here because you guys might get angry with me and my blue-looks-like-yamaha-but-isn't-DRZ...... :banghead: :banghead:

Anyways I think you have it backwards. From what I have gathered the 98 hub uses a 20mm axle and in 99 they went up to 22mm. Take your axle out and measure it. I think that is what you will find.

The brake rotor and sprocket are also different on the 98 vs the 99-present hubs.

Best bet is to look for 99+ unit.

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