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Race Tech emulators

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I have some along with the 3-rate spring kit in my '93 DR350S. I'd read that the DR forks were harsh on small square hits, but I had no idea they were gonna be as bad as they were. So bad I was literally laughing out loud (then crying...)

Anyhow, the emulators helped, but the front was still dangerously harsh over little square hits, so I then installed the softer emulator spring: slightly better, but still unacceptable.

So now I've been running the emulators with the "valving" washer completely removed, just to get enough fast oil flow. That helped tremendously as finally the front end doesn't deflect me off the trail at a moment's notice...

The rebound stroke though, needs some improvement as there is nothing to slow things down. I just got back from a ride, and I think the next step is to put the "valving" washer back in, but run some suuuper soft emulator springs (something from the hardware store) and see if I can retain the fast compression flow, but have a little something in there to slow things down a touch.

These forks crack me up as far as how freakin' medieval the technology is in them. I have a good bit of high-end mountain bike suspension knowledge and I'm still not convinced that Showa didn't design these things in, like, 1968...

This bike is ridden hard offroad in Colorado, keeping up with the new hardware, just to shed some light on where I'm coming from.



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