426 street legal process

Thanks Johnny- Tried like hell, but she wasnt goin for it on the Holiday weekend. I ended up watching the kid, while she went to Macys anyway! Im ready to try it again, let me know when and where.

Tim- Make sure you keep us posted on the VT thing. If all goes well for you, my papers will follow immediately.

Thanks for all the replies got my vermont plate a couple of days ago. Thanks Blue Boner for the info on the trick dual sport kit, nice kit good price very similar to the e-line kit. I'll make another post on kit installation and transfering registration/plates back to California

Tim-Any news yet?

Seems there is a bit of a discrepency. Some are saying that california wants you to transfer within 10 days. Some are saying wait 90 days so you dont have to pay tax. Which is correct? I would like to avoid taxes if possible.

Funktree...just make sure you xfer on day 91 or later. They may not like it, but they won't be able to levy the sales tax. I know this is how CA works, elsewhere???

God Bless America

New Mexico is easy to get plates for yz/wr's, they like to see a speedo with odo so they can write down the mileage on there form. Also no turnsignals required. Anyone need help here just write.


Im going to send my papers up to Vermont on Monday. I will send them the original reg, and the reg form. Hopefully they will respond w/ a plate. Thanks guys, I'll let you all know how I make out.



In exactly two weeks I got a response from Vermont. They sent all of my paperwork back because I didn't send my original registration card to them. They sent along an addressed envelope for me to return all the paperwork for express processing. It looks like I should get my plate w/out any problem.

Wayneo: Fingers crossed'breathe held...

I hear ya- keep those fingers crossed.....

I finally got my Vermont street plate today! It took almost 2 months, the papers were sent back and forth twice, but its finally here! YEE HAAA!!! :):D:D

:) Am I glad I didn't have to go thru this with my bike....You guys may have a lot more space to ride in...but over here so long as its got lights and a horn you can get away with it....even if they dont work if you know the right people :D:D

No mirrors req'd, no indicators boy ... a lot easier!

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