Stock '00 426 Endurance

I don't have much actual riding time on my 426 and was wondering if anyone can help me estimate how long a full tank of fuel might last during a Hare Scrambles type of race.

I plan on racing this weekend and my race is one hour. I was wondering if I should plan on a pit stop?

no pit stop needed. i race from 1.5 to 2 hours on my stock tank. you should be able to do an hour easy.

Good luck...

No need to stop for gas. I just raced a National Hare Scramble and ran just over 30 miles in 2hrs. You sure the race is 1hr? I have never heard of a 1hr Hare Scramble. Maybe its a GP. Hare Scrambles are usually 2-3hrs.

Have fun and Enjoy! :banghead:

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help.

I don't know if this race is officially called a "Hare Scramble". I figured since we were riding a loop longer than 7 miles through the woods it was some sort of scramble. It's a dead engine start and everyone in the class starts together. It's timed at 1 hr + 1 lap I believe. I'll be riding in the 45+ C group. Since this is my first dirt race since I was about 19 and I've only got about 5 hours dirt riding since I bouth the used 426, this should be interesting. :banghead::banghead:

Figure it this way, even a good rider would be lucky to maintain a 30mph average during a race. You should be able to get at least 75 miles on a full tank so at an average of 25-30mph you should be able to ride over 3 hours. :banghead:

On my stock '00 426 I've ridden it in desert race style conditions and tight woods single track and all areas in between. I always range between 65 and 75 miles to the tank.

I race the beginner class in a local hare scramble series (virtually the same background as you) with a WR450. Our race is 1hr long, I make sure my tank is only about 2/3 full. Helps cut down on the weight up high, never needed reserve. We usually go about 25miles.

Thanks for everyone's help. The race went well and fuel usage was not a problem.

While my upper body is about as sore as it's been in many years, I managed to squeak out a 7th place (out of 12 entries). I finished 2 minutes behind the lead bike after 4 laps and about 29 miles.

While I'm still a road racer through and through, it sure is cheaper when I crash the dirt bike and the my wife liked not seeing the $400 tire bill at the end of the weekend. :banghead:

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