Two Part Question

I just got this 2002 WR426F about a month ago. I have heard by many people that Yamalube oil isn't that great, if this is true than what brand of oil should i use?

The owner how had it before me had cut the gray wire and taken the plug out of the exhaust and the air box lid is off. The bike pops a lot on decile and kind of bogs when you are at idle and gas it. Is this a jetting issue? or is it to rich or lean?

Yamalube is a good oil, its a little pricey, but a good oil. As far as the bog, turn your fuel screw out a half of a turn and try that.

I used Yamalube (dino), Rotella (dino), Rotella 5W-40 (Syn.) and now I use amsoil 10W-40... :banghead:

Is this a jetting issue? or is it to rich or lean?

If you get past 2 - 2 1/2 turns on you fuel screw then you need to up the pilot jet, especially since the temps are falling.

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