Think I should Ask a 450 PiMP about jets?

Got a couple questions for those of you who know anything about a modded 05.

Had my bike about a month and feel the need to untame this little Halfasser.

1)Not sure about the airbox lid off business the Jet dbase folks refer to. Is there a screen cover or some other aftermarket protection. Or do you think that the little holes in the top of the box would be sufficient considering a YZcam about to be involved.

2)Is there a big performance difference in factory YZ and HotCams YZ exhaust cams?

3)Anybody ride low(0-1000) that has YZ modded their 05 450. What jet combo did you use? This concerns me the most about this mod.

4)Does JD jet give you a wide enough variety of jets to choose between?

Thanks ya'll

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