Goin YZ...Do you know about the

Got a couple questions for those of you who know anything about a modded 05.

Had my bike about a month and feel the need to untame this little Halfasser.

1)Not sure about the airbox lid off business the Jet dbase folks refer to. Is there a screen cover or some other aftermarket protection. Or do you think that the little holes in the top of the box would be sufficient considering a YZcam about to be involved.

2)Is there a big performance difference in factory YZ and HotCams YZ exhaust cams?

3)Anybody ride low(0-1000) that has YZ modded their 05 450. What jet combo did you use? This concerns me the most about this mod.

4)Does JD jet give you a wide enough variety of jets to choose between?


Can't help with most of your questions, but I just got the JD kit. It gives you several main jets and 2 needles (red and blue). You have to get pilot jets, etc. elsewhere.

There is a difference between the hotcams and the YZ cam.

JD kit comes with 4 mains - 160, 165, 168, 170.

i went yz on my 04 450, hotcams kick ass, new exhaust, jetting (done with a dyno so its pretty spot on) and i went to town on the airbox. the holes i cut in the covers are about 8-9sq inches in area. there are 2 holes with part of the cover remaining in the form of a strip to allow my boot to slide across it and not kick holes in the mesh that was pop riveted in the holes to keep the large rocks and small children out

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