Whos ridin YZ exhaust?

If you have modded your wr to yz exhaust...I'd like to know anything you do about the setup.

Thanks :banghead:

I like it. Simple bolt on, just add a longer bolt at the back hanger. Then re-jet.

one of the simplest things to do. You will probably need a new gasket at the header pipe connection.

You'll need the rubber gromet and the thing the bolt threads into (I forgot what it's called) on the back hanger as well. You don't even need a longer bolt at least for an 02, the bolt I ordered from Ronnies.com was the exact same as the stock one (waste of money.) I've ridden my bike once since I got the YZ pipe and had no problems without re-jetting. I have all the free mods except yz exhaust cam timing plus a twin air air filter and a zip ty fuel screw. I lowered the needle clip one groove a while back, but other than that it's stock and runs great. I was riding at sea level though, so maybe that's why I haven't had to re-jet. The real test will come when I go out to Dove Springs in a coulpe weaks.

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