yz400 clutch issue, plz help!

Recently my clutch started acting all weird, i was riding it just like always (med-hard riding) on a local track when i started hearing a ticking noise... later when i took the bike to get checked out i found that peices of my clutch rings were flopping around in the basket...odd huh? i also found that my cam chain was off timing, and also thrashed

after being fixed it seemed to run fine, but now i have noticed something odd.

whenever i ride hard for mabey....20-30 minutes, the clutch seems to bind or sumthing. this only happens when going from a dead stop. it makes a slipping sound and tries to die on me unless i give it enough juice and a good amount of clutch feathering.


any help on this matter would be greatly appriciated...

I’ve shattered a few fiber clutch plates. I think the cause was the tabs on the plates hanging up in notches on the basket fingers. The first time it happened I just replaced the plates and shattered a few more within a couple of days. I filed the basket fingers smooth a couple of times and this temporarily cured the problem. I have a Hinson clutch basket now with no signs of notching yet. You may have cracked another plate if your basket is notched.

The timing chain issue is probably unrelated and simply a maintenance issue.

How did you fix the timing. Just retime it??? If so go back and replace the chain. The chain is trashed.

^ What he said. You wont be happy with the results if you just leave the timing chain.

I agree w/ Frostbite, it sounds like your clutch basket is notched.

And I third the new cam chain idea, only about 25 bucks I think.

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