Initial round of mods done! The bike started!

Hey guys, just posting to say I did the initial round of free mods (except the baffle), plus the jd kit, and the zip ty fuel screw to my 03 WR 450 (that I have had stock except the YZ throttle screw) this weekend, and was waiting for the zip ty hot start cable nut to arrive to hopefully fire her up. The nut arrived today, I buttoned up the bike, and it started right away!

Phwew, with my mechanical prowess (or lack thereof), I only gave myself a 50% chance that it would actually start!

I didn't have too much time test the bike much because it was dark, etc., but a couple of things I did notice--I didn't have to keep the choke on for longer than 30 seconds, the engine did not run like garbage like it did pre-mods, and it seemed to have a significant increase in torque in 2nd gear.

Before moving to Vegas from Washington State, I didn't have the problems described above. But since moving to Vegas, the problems developed. Now, it's time to do some fine adjustments and get her dialed in.

im in vegas also, what jets are you running?

i recently picked up an 04 450f from California, and have not yet messed with the jetting.

I used the 168 main, JD Red #5, 48 Pilot, 1.5 turns, as per the jetting guide posted in this form for 0-4k, 60-75 degrees, since we'll have that for awhile, and when it gets real hot I don't ride in the valley. I wanted to also do the 70 starter jet and #40 leak jet, but the Yamaha dealer didn't have em in stock and I have not ordered them yet from Zanottis.

Once I get a chance to ride the bike more this weekend, I'll post whether any tweaks are needed.

I'm relatively new in town, so if you're even looking for a tag along on a biking or "non-machine gun" mission, drop me a PM!

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