Repairing cracked tank

I've got a small (2") crack in the top of my stock '00 gas tank. Does anyone have any experience repairing these things or will I have to buy a new one?

I was thinking some two part epoxy might do the trick but I thought I'd ask first.

I tried epoxy and plastic welding with no luck at all the tank flexes too much

I tried epoxy and plastic welding with no luck at all the tank flexes too much


Did you clean and bevel the crack in the tank?

Did you use any "filler" it must be the same material as the tank.

If the plastic has fused properly the repair will be the same color as the tank if you still have white or clear spots the crack is not fused.

I had my tank crack right where my knee rubs. I used a plastic welder and it worked perfect it's been holding for about 4 months now and with new graphics you can't even see the weld.

Save the headaches and pick up a Clarke after market tank. Much sturdier than stock, the price isn't bad and the color is a perfect match.

The tank on my '00 426 cracked as well (and let gas dribble onto the air filter, causing a very rich condition).

After a few futile attempts at repairing it, I bought a Clark tank. No problems thereafter.

Don't even think about repairing it. Hmmm.... Let's see 2 - 3 gal of gas sitting right above a red hot header. There have been several posts on here regarding bikes that caught on fire and I personally know of 1 brand new '05 WR450 that caught fire when the fuel line on an IMS tank leaked. The bike burned to the ground. I know it's expensive but IMO do yourself a favor and get a new tank.

Somewhere on the forum is a picture of a person who thought his tank repair worked.

As I recal he ended up burning his bike up as well as being threatened with legal action for starting a forest fire.

Dont do it! The clarke tank is not that expensive.

i bought some gas resistant glue at the hardware store, seems t work so far. otherwise get it welded


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