What mods to get

So it looks like the wife is going to let me get an '06 WR450 (can't seem to find a decent used one around here or even a new '05) So I will probably open a Yami card and finance it that way for a while.

My question is, what are the first crucial things that i should buy with the bike. I am needing a new helmet and boots...but what for the bike. Radiator guards? Bark busters? help me out here...

thanks, Kyle

Basic "necessities"...

-YZ Throttle Stop

-Zip-Ty Fuel Screw and Hot Start Nut

-JD Jetting Kit

-Utah Sports Skid Plate

-Works Connection or Devol Frame Guards

-Unabiker Radiator Guards

-Seal Savers or Shock Sox

-Aluminum handguards (Cycra, Enduro Eng., Moose, etc.)

That ought to get you set for a good long time before you decide to drop some $$$ on a new exhaust, larger tank, triple clamp w/ stabilizer, etc., etc. Don't neglect some good body armor for yourself, i.e. chest protector, elbow & knee guards...SC

Steve, Great Advice :banghead:

That pretty much sums it up, but what is a Hot Start Nut?

Oh ya, then what will be different for 06, it may be awhile before parts can be ordered for 06?

a softer seat

What are you sitting down for :banghead:

...what is a Hot Start Nut?

It's the plastic deal that holds the hot start plunger on the carb. It's very soft plastic and will eventually strip out and need to be replaced. They are universal for Keihin carbs '03 and up. Here's the link to the Zip-Ty site...SC

trade tires with the dealer while buying the bike. they usually will give you credit for the stockers. they typically suck. go ahead and get and extra plug, just in case, oil, and a few filters. then find a good used 450F YZ pipe.

The hot start nut on my carb got messed up on the first time I removed it from the carb. Just got the zip ty one and installed it. It also has a smaller diameter--10mm--I think, then the stock one so it is easier to get a wrench on.

Be careful with zip ty though--i ordered the nut online with my credit card. THe confirmation page and email they sent me says shipping $0.00. The shippnig statement included with the nut adds $5 or so for shipping. I email zip-ty and they respond that there system can't calculate shippnig when you order, but they essentially have small print somewhere saying they reserve the right to charge shipping. What a bunch of crap! I'll be sending them a follow-up email, and if they stick to their guns, I will have to fully vent here to their likely customers!!!!

They explain their shipping charges on the first page of their "Products" menu. Since they use UPS for all their shipments, there is at least a minimum charge that they determine based on final weight and destination. I agree it's kind of a surprise based on how your charges are shown when you "checkout", but they ask you to call them to get a final total including the shipping. Kind of a pain, but they make some good stuff so I can live with it. Here's the quote from their website...


Shipping is not free... it is to be determined after we box up your order!

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: Prices do not reflect eventual shipping cost. Shipping charges are determined, and your credit card is charged, only when your order is finally boxed, weighed, destination assessed, and finally shipped. The email you will receive after making your order will not reflect your 'shipped total', even though it says so. To get a final "shipped total" please call our office. All orders are shipped UPS 5-day Ground, unless otherwise indicated. We will ship same day if we can, but, 3 to 5 business days are sometimes needed to process your order before it is shipped.

:banghead: ...SC

My List of things to do to my new bike.

Cycra hand guards. (Side mount)

IMS 3.? Fuel tank.

AIS removal kit. The Yami kit comes with a needle and pilot jet. (Does anyone know what needle that is?)

Check/add grease in stem and linkage.

Shark fin. (Scotts)

Front disk guard. (Acerbis)

Snorkel out. (I may do a side screen)

Skid plate. (Utah)

Radiator braces. (I may change to the Devol guards…I’m not sure yet)

Frame Guards. (It beats wearing through the paint)

There will be more including a clamp for my damper. :banghead:


The Ascerbis Tank is superior to the IMS , I think :banghead: Do a search.

I have the Ascerbis and fits great, 100 mile rides :banghead:

Sweet! Thanks guys


A couple things that have happened while I’m doing stuff to get my bike where I want it. (06 WR450F)

The 05 Scotts fin didn’t fit. The bolts holes are (very) slightly different. I don’t know if this one was machined different but…it didn’t and wouldn’t fit.

And the front disk guard Rocky Mountain sent me doesn’t fit either. It said it fit and 05 but it sure doesn’t fit the 06.

The Works Connection radiator braces won’t fit with the IMS tank without modifications. I hope the Devol ones will. Does anyone know? If not I’ll wait till I know or buy them locally with the understanding that I can return them.

And I’m doing the side screen because the airbox has nice knockouts and I have some good screen.

I’ve done some other things but I’ll wait to add my set-up to the database once I get it dialed.


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