Sprocket question....

I just got my new Renthal sprocket in and I was wondering if you had to use locktite to put it on and how much torque to use or if you can just tighten down really hard with the allen wrench. Thanks in advance for the help.

If it's a front sprocket, no Loc-Tite, but do fold over the locking washer. If it's a rear, then yes, Loc-Tite is a good idea. The manual calls for 30 ft/lbs. I just run them down good and tight, but I have lots of experience with this stuff. Use your own judgment.

It's a good idea to replace the rear sprocket bolt's.

BE CAREFUL with the rear sprocket bolts. The stockers are aluminum and if you over torque them they will stretch and come loose on you while you're riding, and if you don't catch it in time you'll be buying a new rear hub. I highly recommend a torque wrench on the rear sprocket bolts. Locktite can't hurt.

I forget, but doesn't the 426 have locknuts?

If so, they become less effective every time you use them. In fact, in many applications they are a single use item. I'm pretty sure I put metric nylocks on my 426.

Anyway, I can't recall if the 426 has them or not, but if so it is a good idea to replace them. Using loctite AND new locknuts certainly wouldn't hurt...

My 426 did come with lock nuts. Not the nylock nuts, but all metal lock nuts. My stockers are long gone, but they did look like single use items to me, good call.

"By the Book", you should replace the stock nuts with each use, but you can judge fairly well whether they will be effective or not as you turn them back on by the resistance they offer to being run onto the bolt as the locking section of the nut engages.

BTW, both my '01 and my '03 list the same PN sprocket bolt (90109-081G1-00) as an '02 426, and they are both steel.

I could have sworn the bolts were AL, they are so soft. Must not be grade 8!?

I could have sworn the bolts were AL, they are so soft. Must not be grade 8!?
Probably not. But I know where you can get some really good Grade 10 Sprocket Bolts at a great price. :banghead:

(halfway down the page)

Never use ANY locking type nut more than once. Also, full metal locking nuts, by design, will more than likely bugger up the threads of the bolt as well. Replace both. Cheap insurance.

This is the only place I've ever went with an ultra special alternative. I replaced my sprocket bolts with titanium bolts. These are much stronger and will not stretch. The parts guy at my local shop turned me on to these when a friend blew up a hub. The guy has been using the same set of Ti sprocket bolts for his past three bikes and they never get loose. I have been using them for two years and mine have never loosened. They are light too.

Ti bolts


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