Honda HP blue chain lube

I've used Honda's red chain lube for years, and have been happy with it. When I dropped by the shop yesterday, they were out of red, so I got blue.

After spraying it on the chain it left a sticky white coating. This is supposed to 'seal good stuff in and bad stuff out', but it sure looks and feels like a glue that's going to attract dirt and sand like crazy.

Is this for on-road use only?


After trying lots of different stuff over the years, I settled on the Sidewinder/Krause racing lube. I use it for lots of stuff not just my chain. It was developed for the military for use in their guns. And it attracts no dirt, the only down fall to it, is that you have to use it much more often. But I rather apply it often, rather than try to get that gunk of my chain just so the new lube is effective.

yeah....ive got the same problem...i was out ridin and forgot the chain lube so i went to get sum and all they had was a 10 dollar bottle of pj1 i beleive it is i got it....the stuff is like the gule on stickers.....not satisfied at all. im gonna stock up on this crap they have at 2 bucks a bottle....very similar to wd40....just gotta oil the chain every 4 hours after using the pj1 stuff, i roll the bike around and the chain squeeks......real good stuff there!!!

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