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Just Not Right!!

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I Just got off the phoen w/International Motorcycle Brokers were I had a

$500.00 deposit on a 06 YZ250 FSE. They told me the price has gone up from there orig. amount of $5,799.00 to $5,999.00 since my deposit was sent in and if I still want it I will have to pay the difference even though

I had a agreed price with shipping for $5,949.00.

They also told me that they will not see the S.E.'s for a couple more weeks, I asked them why they did not get any when there are several people on this site who already got theres, he stated that out of the billion people down here thats not many. :banghead:

I then asked how and when I can get my deposit back, he told me he would look into it next monday, he would not tell me give me any idea and to call back on monday. :banghead:

I am not sure how many people have ordered from them in the past, but with there banner adds on this site I felt they might be a Honest dealer!

I will update this thread on monday.

I need to add that they stated that there price went up once they recieved them. I thought pricing came to the dealer in advance of there order?!

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