Aftermarket Tank

Any thoughts on after market tank for 05 xr650r - I need more than 70 miles? Lots of train/logging roads in Sierras - Clark or IMS?

This is a great site, lots of grat information?

I like the Clarke. Excellent fit and color.



I've tried both and with my experience buy the clarke, better fit and quality and from what i here color also, but i prefer natural. being able to see you fuel level while tearing up the trail is worth the look

Ditto on the Clarke. Had issues with IMS in the past.

Ditto on the Clarke. Had issues with IMS in the past.


I have a 4.6 IMS tank and like it a lot. I have heard good things about the clark tank. I will say that I have had a great experience with IMS's customer service dept. I had a high spped get off and bent my left IMS foot peg. One call and they hooked me up with a replacement and a lot cheaper than the originals. They also threw in a great IMS hat for me.

I also have the IMS 4.6 with absolutely no problems. Love the tank and think it looks good too. I had a Clark tank on a older XR and it seemed like a quality tank as well, but for my 650r I wanted the biggest tank I could get that still looked good. The Acerbis 7 gallon tank seems like a durable tank, but I can't get over how ugly it is.

Some bad PR about the ugly, pinholed finish on IMS tanks going around but they have taken good care of people on warranty claims. I prefer Clarke stuff myself, always top shelf quality and no fitment problems.

I have the Clarke too, and I love it :banghead: fit is flawless :banghead:

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