Pannier question

I have a 2005 Honda XR650L, not a bad bike but in need of some mods to make it better. I would like to put some panniers on it but have run into a roadblock as where to find them. So if any of you guys know where I can locate some please let me know.

I asked the same question at the dealer. They referred me to some tool/storage kit belts. I am continuing to search.

Maybe not quite what you are looking for?

Mine showed up today (Ranger) and I am

heading for the Oregon beach tomorrow. They

have really fast shipping (Wednesday is when I put the order in)

and the guy on the phone was cool. :banghead: He said they

sell the most bags to 650L riders and the DRZ 400s also.

I did a few things to my 2006 XRL 650 to reduce the

vibes and it really cruises now. I am so

freaking happy I did not buy a Kawasaki

KLR650. :banghead: I will post pics when I

get my camera cord back, so I can

download a few of the simple things

I did.

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