Indiana DMV Trip (Important information)

Just spend a nice Saturday morning at the DMV. The experience was no different then any other visit to the Indiana DMV, except they were on a new system (Stars).

The problem here is that Stars is a new system that the STATE is implementing to shorten the time it takes to register a new vehicle. Well, I purchased a 2000 Honda XR650R which had been plated by the previous owner, should be an easy transfer right, wrong. Stars showed the XR650R as an “all terrain vehicle” and would not allow a plate to be issued. Yet the attendant switch over to the old system “Boss” and it went through, things are good again right? NO.

The new system, STARS is to be in effect by November with no access to the Boss system, meaning this problem will take time to fix. The purpose of this letter is to let everyone know of the situation and that if you have a bike that you want to plate, get it done NOW!

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