Front wheel clamp

Has anyone used a front wheel clamp to transport their bike. The way it works is that you just place your front wheel in it and using a cam action lever it clamps to your front wheel. You don't need any tie downs, your bike is held to your trailer with the clamp. Very easy and quick. They cost $90.00 Canadian. Do they cause any damage to your spokes or hub? How well do they hold down your bike?

I dont trust them or the idea of putting so much tension and stress on a compact area of your bike. Tie downs are much more solid.

same here

I wouldn't do it. Normal riding puts an axial (straight tension) load on your spokes. When you lean in corners, etc., it keeps the load straight down on your forks, wheel, tire and so on. Those are the simple laws of physics that keep you from being thrown off the bike. The clamp would put a moment (bending load) on your spokes which is not an ideal condition. It may not hurt things that much since sliding your bike sideways does the same thing to a lesser degree, but tie down straps are a better way to go mechanically speaking.


(Mechanical Engineer)

IMO, if you are worried about compressing your forks too much, put a 2x4 between the wheel and the fender, or if you are itching to spend money, go buy one of those spacers that can be had.

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