Stolen 05 WR 450

Stolen - my '05 WR 450 this AM in Barstow CA at approx. 4:00 am Just over 200 miles on odometer. New Guts tall seat & Protaper black bars, ATV Hi. Id # JYACJ07Y95A002204 Any info appreciated.

Wow! Somebody get the rope! :banghead::banghead::lol::lol::lol::busted::busted:

This is why I am firmly against leaving bikes in the beds of trucks or on the back of a trailer overnight. I don't care if my bike is "only" a TT-R, it sleeps in a shed or garage unless its a riding/camping weekend. Thats sad about ur bike, I hope it gets recovered

sux man sorry to hear it . I have 2 Yz 450s in the back of my truck right now.. make you think ..Im to lazy to pull them out now im riding in the am.. again I hope you find your bike before the cops do get a punch in for me!

I'm in Vegas--if anyone posts something for sale in the paper, etc., I'll post about it!

Thanks much. Hope it shows up.

hope you had insurance :banghead:

Doesn't it have to be street legal to have insurance?

man that sucks i will keep an eye out for it. i just had my 05' Z 400 stolen from me so i know how you feel. i didn't have insurance either

Doesn't it have to be street legal to have insurance?

Many auto insurance companies, such as Farmers, sell policies for OHVs. Coverage is available for liability (such as if you injure someone) and also for theft, etc.

Doesn't it have to be street legal to have insurance?

Mine didn't...full coverage with State Farm, $20 a month...SC

I have all my bikes & quad insured for liability and comprehensive (theft). State farm.

Mine didn't...full coverage with State Farm, $20 a month...SC

all my toys are insured thru state farm as well...if someone wants to be an A hole..I get new ones... :banghead:

Had it licensed & insured with State Farm so here goes, tomorrow morning!

Just out of curiousity where was it when it got stolen (back of truck, camp, etc)?

Bike trailer. Brinks locks, Kryptanite cable?

Did they cut the cable? The only reason I ask is that I use a Kryptonite cable and I've heard that they are relatively easy to cut with a file.

Sorry to hear about that,I know the feeling.Note to anyone reading this,Never leave your bikes in the back of your truck or trailer overnight no matter how well they are secured(from experience)...Even the best of locks only keep honest thieves honest.

That being said,I live in Vegas and will keep my eye out for anything fishy.


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