03 WR450 stuck in first and weird noise related to kickstarter.

I just picked up an 03 WR450 (still under warranty) and I'm glad I shopped around for a bike under warranty as I'm allready having problems. I took it out for my second ride today and started hearing a strange noise related to the kickstarter, like a grinding or mechanical tapping noise. If I touch the kickstarter and push it in, forward, or back while running it gets worse. 10 miles after that started while I was wheelying along the bike stopped upshifting in third. I downshifted into first to pull over and see what was wrong and realized after that I was stuck in first.

I've searched the forums and see a few references to a known issue with a shifter pin coming loose in 00 400's but nothing about the problem with 450's. Anyone else heard of this?

Does it need to go to the dealer or can I fix it myself easily? It won't cost me any money to take it to the dealer but it will cost me the day of riding i had planned for tomorrow so if it's easy to fix I'll just do it myself instead of giving it to the dealer and not seeing my new bike for two weeks.

Take it to the dealer. Some of the kick starter stops have broken and the small metal tangs have jammed in the oil pump gears and even busted cases.

Take it in to the dealer immediately! :banghead:

Wow, thanks for the advice.

This weekend is just getting worse and worse. I just went through the paperwork that came with the bike to get the warranty info and found out that the previous owner was wrong about the 36 month warranty. The bike actually has a 36 month service contract and a 24 month warranty (which just ran out 4 months ago).

I'm out of money since I just bought a new bike :banghead:

Splitting the cases sounds expensive. Anyone else have this happen before that can give me some sort of estimate how much it's going to cost me? $500 I might be able to swing, $1000 means it'll have to sit a month or two, which would really hurt since I just bought the bike.

You should be able to get the dealer to fix it for under $500. Just leave it with the dealer and pay for it when you get the money. :banghead:

I allready took it to the dealer, they told me to expect $600-800 in labor, plus parts. I figured while they have it apart they'll inevitably find something else, tell me it's time for a top end rebuild or something like that and that it'd be dumb not to take care of it while it's apart. I've worked in a service department before and from past experience I'll consider myself lucky to get out of there for less than a grand. I can't exactly pay them when I have cash as they charge a fee for every day (past three) that it's left at the dealer when the service is done.

I thought I got a fair deal finding an 03 WR450 for $3750 but now I wish I would have just spent 5k on a newer model with a warranty (which I thought I was getting). Oh well, chalk it up to dumb luck I guess.

You should not need a new top end on an 03 unless that person rode as much as I do at 6,000 miles per year! :banghead:

Good to know. Any other items that I should replace while I have it apart or just have them fix the shifting issue?

I know on cars whenever you replace a clutch you always replace the throwout bearing as well, whether it's bad or not because you'd be pretty angry to have the tranny out and put a new clutch in for a few hundred dollars and skip over a $20 part while you were in there. Is there anything like that in the WR engine? Rings, valves, etc? I hope not, just want to make sure I do this right.

Dude, sounds like you have the classic misrepresentation or mutual mistake case against your seller. Not saying you have a good case, but you have a case.

I'm a Nevada and Washington licensed attorney. I can refer you to my old Washington firm because I don't do anything but commerical real estate transactions now. Perhaps with a letter from an attorney yuo get some or all of your repair bill paid. No promises, but worth a thought.

I thought about that but at $3750 for an 03 WR450 it's not like I overpaid with or without a warranty, if I get him to buy the bike back I just end up buying another bike for the same amount. It would save me the $500 for fixing the shifting/kickstarter but I can't imagine I'd get out of any court case for less than that, and it was a mutual mistake, I'm going to ask him to split the damage with me and give me $250 back for it not having a warranty but I really don't feel it's malicious and the guy is selling the bike because he's having financial difficulties.

Legal or not, I wouldn't feel right taking a guy to court over an honest mistake. He showed me all of the paperwork before I bought the bike and I thought it looked like it was under warranty as well, it wasn't immediately obvious that the warranty term was shorter than the service plan to either of us so I can't place all of the blame on him when I should have read the paperwork more carefully.

Take it to the dealer. Some of the kick starter stops have broken and the small metal tangs have jammed in the oil pump gears and even busted cases.

Take it in to the dealer immediately! :banghead:

That's one impressive e-diagnosis. You were exactly right, the kickstart stops broke and jammed the shifting up, and luckily for me they found all of the pieces when they pulled the side cover off so they didn't even have to split the cases. It's only going to cost me $300.

I guess that is why so many people trust my judgement on this forum! :lol:

Thumpertalk is a wealth of information and a great forum! :banghead:

I am glad your fix will be cheap. My buddy continued to ride on his broken kick starter stop and it was worse with a cracked case, clutch bearing and oil pump repair later.He just traded it in for a new 06 WR450. :banghead:

They are the best all around trail bike on the planet! :lol:

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