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DR 650 No Spark !

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Have recently rebuilt a DR650 RSE 1992 engine and cannot get it to spark.

I have been through the electrical drawing and think the problem may be with the CDI unit (although i have no way of testing it ).

I have tried another CDI unit that came from a 'running' bike (that's what i was told) but i still cant get a spark.

Any ideas on what else it could be ? :banghead:

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Could be a defective ignition coil? try swapping that out as well.

I've had the stator / pickup coil go bad one time (not on the DR though)

so it could be worth taking a VM multi tool and checking for breaks in

the coils and for correct ohmage.

Primary ignition coil should be between 0.7 to 0.12 ohm

test between the black and black and white lead.

Secondary should be 23 to 25 Kohm test between the plug wires

Pickup coils can be tested at the plug to the CDI unit, between the black

and white - Power source coil 0.1 to 0.2 ohm

Pickup coil should be the green and blue wires (not too sure of the color on

the '92) but it should be 170 - 256 ohm.

good luck

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