xr650r decompressor/ hotcam advice

I have a stage 1 hotcam. Just ordered a new cam sprocket flange to go onto the cam. As the hotcam does'nt have a decompressor on it, can i leave the cam as it is, just with camsprocket and two bearings.

Also does anything need to be taken out or adjusted in the rocker cover.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

All you need is the flange to attach the gear to and it's a go. You can press that stuff off the old cam and onto the new one. Decompression stuff is not needed.

You will need to adjust your valves but that's it.

Many thanks for the information

XRMoto, how did the rest of the install go? What is your impression of the cam after riding it? I will install my stage 1 cam Thursday.

hi Ramcc4x4, I started the bike up for the first time on saturday. The engine was stripped down and crank cases were split apart. Had a second gear problem. It kept jumping out. After replacing 2nd,3rd, and fifth gear along with a second gear selector fork the engine was ready to go back together.

While apart i thought i would throw in a 11.1 compression piston, port the cylinder head and install a Mikuni TM40 pumper carb, stage 1 hotcam along with the full Ackropovic exhaust system and modified air filter cover which i done before the strip down.

The bike fired up 2nd kick from a complete strip down. Had to play with the idol a bit to up the revs to stop the cam labouring. Went out for a 20 minute ride on saturday bike felt realy smooth. I kept the revs above idol, between 3 and 4000 rpm. Its hard to see what the cam along has down to the bike but it stil has a nice steady non lumpy idol rather than the lumpy idol of the stage 2 from what i hear.

The xr's going on the dyno on the 16th December the earliest Hm racing can do. I will keep you posted with the outcome.

thanks Darren

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