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cruising speed

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Hi I have an 86 Yamaha xt350 and I use the bike for 90% road. The bike is geared slightly lower. Went from a 19 front to a 18. The backs still 55. When I take it down the highway at 60mph it is up around 5-6,000 rpms( then it can easily roll on to 80 or 90mph). Is this hard on the bike? . I don't do highway every day but even 50 mph sounds like the bike is revved up good. I thought about gearing it up but I love the low end torque this thing has. Also I don't want the top end to loose its power since The gearing I have now easily gives me good passing power. I'm afraid if I gear it up I'll end up loosing my top speed due to less torque. Another option I thought about was boring it over.40 and then gearing it up. Putting a new good rear tire on helped out a little. What do you guys recommend?

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