white bros

How much louder is the white brothers e series pipe vs. the stock setup on a xr650l?

Depends on how many disks that you have in. I have a E-series on mine and the fewer disks the more compression that you will have and the quieter that it will run. But it really sounds nice. :banghead:

So you recommend it then? hows the quality of the pipe? I know it sure looks better then most offered for this bike.

Its an AWESOME pipe !!! I run all the discs, and the "Dave" carb/airbox mods, and UNI. Mad more power over stock, sounds way better, is pretty loud and mean, can set off car alarms..hehe

well reccomended !!!

pics in garage

I have a E-series on my XR250. It is a lot louder than stock. It does seem to have more top end. I think there is a quiet insert available for it.

The White bros. E-series is a good pipe! I recommend it to everybody!

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