Oil height and weight in YZ forks?

Looks like I'm gonna service the forks and am wondering the best fork oil weight and height for a 215lb woods rider. :banghead:

02 426? Well oil is 5wt. You will need stiffer springs for your weight front and rear. Oil level, go 4.25" from the top

I'm 215+ and never had to do anything with the stock suspension setup. I don't race but have had it on the track with no bottoming out. I did preload the rear spring a little, but not a lot. I guess they have the bike set up for a 160 - 180lb rider to ride agressively. I'm a lot heavier, but don't ride on the track aggressive. I absolutely beat the piss out of it in the bush, and have no complaints with the stock setup.

Go with the 5wt. At your weight I would put the oil height at 120mm. Stock is 135mm.

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