Auto decomp acting weird

This weekend my bike did something it has never done - 04' WR450, maintained well, probably about 600 - 700 miles on it.

When starting the bike, (kick starting because my starter is a livin' piece of $hit), it seemed like the auto decomp wouldn't work This is the first time this has happened, I have been riding for the last three days and it probably happened 25% of the time I went to kick start it. It would "clear" itself easily if I rocked back a little with the bike in gear then it would fire right up with one easy kick as usual :banghead:

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know if this indicates a problem with the exhaust cam or valves? The bike ran great with out any performance issues. I am running stock cams with WR timing.

Thanks in advance for any input! :banghead:


i have never had a problem like that (I have an '00 WR400) but i will take a guess. it sounds like it might be sticking in gear when you are trying to kick it. You could test for this when if it happens again by holding the clutch in and seeing if it will kick through then. If it will, then it's in gear. If not, then you have some other problem. I hope this helps. :banghead:

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