Clutch problem 426yz 2000

Please help!

I just installed a new clutch kit (plates and springs) and when it is in gear and I pull in the clutch the bike will not roll freely. I was having this issue before I put the new clutch in and hoped this would correct the problem. Any ideas or suggestions?

I've tried adjusting the clutch lever and the push rod on the crank case with no success. Am I missing something?

Well, unless the bike (and hence the oil and clutch) is warmed up the clutch will be very grabby, especially if you didn't get the new plates good and oiled before installation.

Even a perfectly functioning clutch will grab when it is cold, not running, and you are just trying to push it a few feet in your garage.

If your clutch basket is worn out (grooves in the basket fingers caused by the friction plates pounding them over time) it will feel ingaged even with the clutch in. You can get away with filing the groves down to make the surface smooth (one time), but the best fix is a Hinson basket.

This happened to me. Just go out and ride it like you just stole it. It'll be fine afterwards.

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