06 Yz450 Or 06 Ktm450xc???????????

I Have Read A Lot Of Good Thing About The New Xc Line From Ktm. I Am A Die Hard Yamaha Guy. Mainly Ride Hare Scrambles, But Like Hitting An Open Logging Road Too. How Is The New 5 Speed In The Yammie???? Is 1st About The Same As The Wr????? The Ktm Has A 6 Speed...low 1st And A Tall 6th. Also Heard That The Ktm's 06 Susp Is To Be The Best Yet. $6064.00 Yamaha....$6661.00 Ktm. Any Thoughts???????????

For 90% HareScrambles I would go KTM. I also am a die hard Yami guy but for any woods or Harescrambles racing KTM XC is hard to beat. All the KTM needs is Barkbusters....Yami needs a lot more....

I am buying a KTM XC soon for woods riding....probably a 2006 300XC

I am buying a 2006 Yami 450 for MX..... :banghead:

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