WR400 vs 426

Looking to get a WR to motard out and also do a little dirt before the conversion. My question is, the 400 was the early model, and is a bit cheaper than the 426. Should I hold out and spend the extra $500-1000 for the 426?

I also was told buy a gentleman with a 400 already converted to motard that the 400 had steel valves rather than titanium in the 426, thus making it just a tad more reliable.

So whats the gen opinion? 400 or 426?

Get a WR400! Spend the extra saved money on a thumper racing 430 big bore kit, FMF Powercore IV muffler, and Head porting. Then make sure to have the YZF cam timing, the carb octopus removed, all the intake baffles removed, the throttle stop ground down so it can go wide open, and cut the gray wire in the ignition. My WR420 smoked 426's and 450's every day of the week. The valves in my WR outlasted the stock top end. Those bikes are well built. The 426's don't even compare to a lightly modded 400.

Cool cool, thanks. Anyone else have opinions on the matter?

This is the second person to say go with the 400!

i love my 400, there was a post about this same topic a week or so ago

as i said then,

for the weekend rider, (me) i dont think the 450 or 426 upgrades would benefit me, eg handling

the 400 is fine with more than enough power, when you think about it, the 450 is only approx 12% bigger displacement,

but if you are an avid racer of course the newer models will benefit

the only thing i can think of that is better about the 426s is

- upgraded carb (slide plate problem almost gone) i havnt had a problem

- aluminium subframe, lighter

various other things

but yeah as mentioned, with a well looked after motor they are bullet proof.

i love the 400s.

i just checked my valves, the SS last forever, my centre intake had NO carbon on it at all, all i had to do was lap the exhaust valves and they were fine, well within spec, the valve guides were also fine

there are a million mods you can do to make the 400s just as competitive as the 450s, but then again it all comes down to experience and how good a rider you are.

cheers - Brett

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