Pismo Beach Race

Anyone entering it?

I'll probably be out there helping run it.

is it just bikes or is it open to quads also?

When is that race? I heard about it last year but I can't find any info on the event.

hmm good question. i need to know that also

Quads Sat. bikes Sun. Im still trying to figure out if i want to do it or not. If i don't race i'll still be there watching!

looks like i better buy a quad fast!!! mine just got stolen so maybe next year instead

I was thinking about it but I dont think there is any camping left. They have a buggy class too right?

Yea says there is a buggy class on the site.

I'm entered...

ATVs race Sat 22nd

Bikes race Sun 23rd

Buggies CCs<1300 err something. no real cars

You gotta read their forum to get the latest info.


#92 YFZ450

Great charity event. If you missed it, start making plans for next year.


Who won the Pro Motorcycle event?

I didnt even make it out there. I was going to go down there Sunday and ride my new bike, but woke up hung over and decided to just stay home.

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