01 Xr650r

I have the option of buying a 01 XR650R for $2850 I don't know how many miles are on it but it does have the original tires on it. How long do they last, normally? It has an FMF pipe and a Corbin seat and looks pretty good. It seems to be uncorked. Does this sound like a good deal? I have to drive a few hundred miles to pick it up and I think I'm pretty much sold as long as it runs out good as well. Anything specific to look for?


Stock tires in hardcore woods riding will last about 500 miles.

I got burned once on a bike, then later on an outboard motor. Ended up finding (big) metal in the trans of the bike and lower unit of the boat motor. Nowadays, I always let a tiny bit of oil out with the drain plug and look for metal of anything, before buying. Other than that, you can easily tell if the bike has been down hard by looking at the steering stops on the frame. If it has been dropped hard, these will be pretty dinged up from when the steering whips over in a fall. Look at stuff like chain & sprockets, brake pads. Look for smoke at start-up, oil leaks and the like. I would be surprised to see original rubber unless the guy is a real gentle rider or the bike has REALLY low hours. I am on my second back tire since I bought mine six months ago, but there again, it depends a lot on the terrain. Good luck, the 650R is a sweetheart!

Thanks for the advice! I drove the 200 miles today to look at the bike...the guy basically lied! I was shocked, he had me drive all the way down there and the bike was badly miss-represented. It was fairly well trashed, definately not the original tires and the bike smoked, leaked oil from various places and the front suspension was tweeked.

THe guy said, "well, I tried to be as honest as I could" I felt really put out on the 200 mile return trip.


Unfortunately, some people lie or mis-represent for various reasons :banghead: , but it could have been worse. I've looked at numerous cars, planes, properties, etc, over the years that have been misrepresented. I've also flown across the country at my expense with the intention to buy a one owner low mileage original car that ended up being misrepresented to me, but it's not as bad as actually buying something sight unseen that turned out to be a dud and being stuck with it.

That sucks. You have to ask a lot of qustions and get some photos, even if they have to be mailed. Unless you have another reason to drive 400 miles round trip get some information, and maybe some guarantees ( a free beer at least).

Don't quit the search, you won't be disappointed.

I did the same trip, guy said the XR600R was like new, 150 miles later, I didn't see one piece on the bike that was like new, this guy lived on this bike for 3 years, he only parked it to take a dump, he wanted me to make a offer, I told him 50 cents, I was pissed after the drive. Now I tell them if it's like they say bring it over and I'll buy it.

there are plenty of XR650R's barely-ridden that popup for sale, especially if you're willing to ship one. This is one area where some dealers are worth their salt: the good ones feel obligated to really inspect the bike and won't keep a "dog" around.

Further, it is EASY to get the full VIN number then call Honda and simply ask for the history on the bike. Who are the owners? How many? Call the owners? find out what city/area it spent its time in and call the Honda dealer in that area, ask them to run the VIN on the Service database. They are well-automated and can tell if the bike has been there for service. All this paid off GREAT for me.

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