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Hi All,

I currently have a CRF 230F which is equivalent to the TT-230 and want to upgrade to a Yamaha. The question is do I go to a WR250 or the WR450. After discounts etc. the price is not the issue. My concern is that being a newbie to this (riding off road for approx. a year) am I buying to much power in the 450. I am 6ft 1" and weigh 97kg. I think in pounds that is around 220 / 230. Any advice would be great.


Confused :banghead:

if you weight 220, and assuming that SOME of that weight is muscle....given a year of riding experience, i dont think the power of the 450 will be an issue.

it took me 6 months to graduate from 250 to 450.

the power of the wr450 is very controllable...very linear, with no BIG hits anywhere in the powerband.

Easy choice. Get the 450 you'll grow into the power of the bike. If you got the 250 you may out grow the power of that bike. That really shouldn't be a issue with the 450.

the 450 is my first bike, bought after about 4 riding weekends on my buddies bike. I weigh 190lbs. and am 6'2

The thing is really predictable. If you are worried about too much power, do the free mods one by one...

Another vote for the 450. Stock out of the box it will feel like a 250 :banghead: and then once you get used to it swap out the wr throttle screw for the yz screw. Next time you are ready for more power open up the airbox, uncork the exhaust and put in a JD jetting kit and hold on! Once you get used to it again unhook the gray wire for even more top end pull :banghead:

It's funny how people say I out grew the 250 or I graduated to the 450.

You must look at what kind of riding you are going to do and how much you weigh. If you are over 200 pounds you should buy the 450 no matter what.

If you are under 200 pounds and ride tight eastern single track the choice is easy. The 250 is built for this. You will be faster and less tired at the end of the ride. When trails are really tight, big power can mean big trouble ,make you slower and tucker you out. If the trails you ride are faster and more open the 450 is right at home.

Make the choice by what riding you plan on doing the most.

Given your weight is over 200 pounds the 450 is the bike for you.

Im 5foot 6 and 150 lbs and dont have trouble with a 426 I have been riding 2 strokes for years but on and off and would consider myself an average rider hope this helps

All of the above. Very user friendly power. You WILL enjoy it for sure. :banghead:


6'1 / 175 pounds here. Power is not the issue here. The 250f has plenty of power for probably 90% of the riders that contribute to the 4xx forum... We just like to have all the power that the 4xx offers when the trail is easy to ride. In every other cases, almost all of us wood be as fast on a TT230.

Like Bam said, it makes me laugh when people say they've like "graduated". It's not that they are now able to exploit the 250f to its full potential. If they could, they would be pros. Instead, read there that now they are not afraid of the 450 anymore... and since more power can be funny when the trail opens up, they switched.

Problem is: suspension.

At over 200 pounds you are almost commited to the 4xx. My understanding is that the suspension is set more for a 150 pounds rider on the 250f... That said, take a chat in the 250f forum and you'll see that many TTers are riding the 250fs at way over 200 pounds. They just modify the suspension.

Another reason for buying the 4xx is that it's better to have that extra power on the street if you want to dual sport the bike. The 250f has great power but you need more than that to follow the traffic on the highway.

The reason i say i "graduated" to a because 6 months ago, i had never been on a motorcycle at all. Many of my friends steered me toward the 250 so that i didnt "kill myself" with TOO much power.

Over the course of 6 months of riding almost every weekend...and pumping more and more money into the 250 for power, i decided to "graduate" up to the 450...confident that i now had the skills to controll the power, and not hurt myself.

After one month of riding the 250, i tried out my friends 450...and it scared the piss out of, a few months later...the power of my 450 has me grinning from ear to ear.

Im glad i made the move.

I weight 160, and ride a CR500. You will have no problem on a 450. I had a pumped up WR400, but wanted more power, so I sold it and bought my 500.

I started on an XT 350 dual sport that I rebuilt after being thrashed. This was my first bike and had a great time on it. I managed to almost keep up with my buddies who were riding two stroke 250 MX bikes. I ride southern California deserts. However, I was ruined after riding one of my buddies bikes and discovered how light and powerful it was. After a lot of research I thought the WR 450 was the bike for me, purchased it, and was happy. Until I started doing the free mods . . . This bike can be tame (out of the crate) or a wild beast (throttle stop, grey wire, FMF "Q" pipe) and I have only done about half of the mods. What I am trying to say, is that you can make changes one at a time and customize the bikes power to what you are comfortable with, and unless you are pro, you will always have more power that you can tap into. I have only been out on my new WR about six times and I am already comfortable with it - which means time for another mod :banghead: You will be happy with the 450 for a long time! I am just under 6' and weigh about 210 lbs.

I weight 160, and ride a CR500. You will have no problem on a 450. I had a pumped up WR400, but wanted more power, so I sold it and bought my 500.

Champion!!!! :banghead:

After one month of riding the 250, i tried out my friends 450...and it scared the piss out of, a few months later...the power of my 450 has me grinning from ear to ear.

You live in Nevada so the 450 is a good choice. If I took you riding here, you would be begging for your 250 back. With the little time in the saddle you have

you would be sucking hind tit all day long. I don't mean to dis you, it's just that

both bikes have their purpose.It's not like choosing between an XR or TT 250

and a WR 450.

THanks All,

Just paid over my hard earned cash on a brand spanking new WR450.

You won't be disappointed!

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