xr650r Camchain Tensioner

Hi i have a tinking noise coming from the top end of the engine. the engine has only done 100mi and i have set the valve clearances (actually i checked them they were within tolerance so i didnt have to adjust). i was wondering if the camchain tensioner is sticking allowing the camchain to get loose. the bike did spend 3 months at sea getting to Ghana.

is there an easy way to check this or is this tinking noise normal. i have no other XR650R in area to compare. apart from this engine is running fine


I think it depends on how loud the sound is. If the bike is not uncorked you will hear quite a bit of valvetrain sound. I heard a bike with a camchain tensioner problem (XR70) and it was obvious that the camchain was slapping against the inside of the case. To me it sounded completely different from a valve ticking.

Could be excessive valve clearance.

When I had my BMW, I always liked to hear clicking. When I didn't hear clicking...that's when I worried (valves too tight)


Check the clearances,it's not hard.

Here's a quick article to get you started.



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