1st hare scramble

i got to do my 1st scramble at 143 offroad park in hurricane mills,tn. iwas amazed at the turn out there were alot of people there,i rode the open 4-stoke b class because that was what my buddy was races ,so it looked right to me to. i thought it was pretty easy to do actually compared to what i usually ride the only bad thing about it was i got a flat before the end of the first lap,13 miles a lap,i kept going though because i didnt want to see the dnf beside my name,ended up getting 10th out of twenty buddy came in 11th and he usually beats me when we ride together,but still was great fun ,was a little dusty by the end but they have some nice area to ride on there ,comparable to loretta lynns, i would like to do more races hopefully we will be able to get to some and meet more people,everyone was very talkative around us great event there :banghead:

didnt see to many other 600 though none that i can remember alot of electric start ktm's and crf's i felt like i was riding a dinasour compared to some of them

they just lucky i got a flat,haha,or i would have....

anybody else racin in the mid-south winter series and how did you do

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