Idling Problem on XR650R


Bike starts fine on 3rd or 4th kick from cold and will idle on full choke and half choke but just dies with the choke off. Tried adjusting the idle speed but no joy. It's a UK bike and is standard.

It's my first XR so just to make sure I'm not doing anything stupid - with the choke full 'on' the lever is pushed all the way to the right. Off is all the way to the left - Yes?

Also the throttle is very 'sticky' - doesn't snap open or shut and it's making it a real pain to ride as it's jerky as hell. Can't seem to find the cause - any suggestions?




Forward (up) is FULL ON.

Back (straight down) is choke OFF.

Make sure you have some slack in your cables and also lube them.

If could be something simple like grip glue wedged under the throttle tube or your grip binding on a hand guard.



Thanks for that - so basically when I've been starting the bike with the choke fully back its been off. When I've pushed it forward to turn it off I've actually turned it on and that's why it won't idle - Dohhh!!!

I would have thought it still would idle with full choke except with increased revs?


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