yzf vs crf

I just want to say that I sold my crf and got an 04 yzf. I had my first ride on it yesterday and all I can say is WOW! I love this bike. It has so much more power it amazing. I'm not nocking the crf by any means, it was a great bike, but I will probably never buy another honda after owning this yzf. I am now an official blue convert!

On ya buddy :banghead::banghead:

now you can put the feeler guages away and ride! :banghead:

Congrats man :banghead:


I loved how my CRF handled, but my YZ will put the spank on any CRF in the motor department :banghead:

Welcome Sir.

I just hope the new YZF beats the CRF in handling department too. :banghead:

5 titanium valves. Patented. End of story. :banghead:

So far I love the way it handles also. I don't know if I had the crf set up wrong or what, but it just felt big.

Welcome to the BLUE SIDE.....now you won't have to worry when your valves

go.... :banghead:

Also the Storm Racing link will make that 450 turn better.....


Hey boys..........I turn like chit on both bikes, no noticable differance to me.......... I'll be selling a Red bike in the near future

Awesome welcome aboard, what CRF did you have? Did the valve issues cause you to switch?

My old bike was an 02 crf and I only had valve problems once in the 6 months I owned it. One day I came out to start it and it would never fire. I got the valves shimmed and it ran great and would always start on the first or second kick.

I didn't get rid of it because of the valves, I just wanted to update and get something newer and I'm glad I did! Plus, a friend of mine wanted to buy the crf and it's not everyday you find a buyer for an 02 crf with the bad wrap they have. It will make him a great bike.

5 titanium valves. Patented. End of story. :banghead:

I thought their patent ran out years ago on this.

Just change the oil after 3 rides, and change filter after every 6, and ride!!

Very dependable. Never had one issue with my 04 450f. The motor does have more responce that the CRF, Yamaha even mellowed out the power band, I think it's because it comes on very sudden. I am always pinning my friend's 04 crf, asking it for more.

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