yz426 changes between 00-04

besides the obvious 426cc to 450 what other changes were made? Im thinking about buying one for desert riding. I just rode the 24 hr endurance race at glen helen on my CR500 :banghead: definitly would rather do it on the yzf :lol: .I think thats what the winner ty davis was riding. :banghead:

the 450's (any year) are lighter, more powerful and better suspended. Get the newest bike you can afford.

The ergos on the 450 are a bit different. The 450 is slimmer and has a flatter seat. It still has a very similar feel to it though. The 450 also holds less oil (more frequent oil changes) and less gas (more frequent gas stops). The 450 also has a 4 speed tranny where the 426 had a 5 speed. The 450 has an auto decompresion cam compared to a manual decomp on the 426 (unless you're smart and do the cam mod). Also, the 450 has a bar mounted hot start where the 426 came stock with a carb mounted hot start. Otherwise, like satch said, the 450 is lighter, more powerfull and has better boingers. The 450's are getting pretty cheap now, so you should be able to pick one up pretty reasonable, especially with the new 450 comming out.

thanks for the info :banghead:

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